The sections of the SMPV provide fee recommendations for the private lessons of their members. Basically, a distinction is made between fees for individual lessons and semester flat rates. In the case of group lessons, fortnightly lessons or similar forms of instruction, a degressive tariff is charged. For regular lessons, it is recommended to agree on a flat fee.

Included in the fees for private lessons are:

the full contributions for the pension funds
AHV and unemployment insurance
accident insurance
insurance of loss of wages in case of illness
vacation allowance
further education
Use of a room
Care of the instrument
An overview of the SMPV tariffs can be found in the download section.

The amounts stated in the SMPV tariff lists are always to be understood as a guideline for the determination of fees.

The fee is agreed individually with the client. The guideline values for the fee determination form a framework for the individual fee arrangement.

Private lessons with our members are not subsidized. The prices for lessons are therefore somewhat higher than the part of the lessons which are given subsidized at music schools. This often applies to lessons for young people, but less often to lessons for adults.

Please keep in mind that quality has to have its price, if an hourly fee seems high at first. Private music teachers, like any self-employed business, have running costs that need to be paid. Also, keep in mind that you will make much better progress with higher quality lessons and that some of your musical desires can only be achieved through professional and focused instruction.

And one more tip: Many teachers offer lessons “to try out”, to get to know and try out…

SMV tariff regulations
For professional concert engagements we refer you to the tariff regulations of the Musician’s Union of Switzerland (SMV)