Tailor-made legal protection

One of your private students is regularly absent from music lessons without notice and does not cover the cost of the missed hours? The music school suddenly no longer pays you your wages due to illness? For such and other cases, the SMPV has prepared together with the CAP and developed a legal protection insurance tailored to you. The partial legal protection tailored to you is available for only 40 francs per year. In addition, you have the possibility to extend this to a full legal protection (private and traffic law) at the SMPV special tariff. Find out more about the different coverages at www.cap.ch

The CAP also advises you individually on the different insurance options on the telephone number 058 358 09 09.

CAP, Legal Protection Insurance Company LTD
post office box
8010 Zurich
058 358 09 09

Instrument insurance

Contract for cooperation between SMPV and “Mobiliar” with very favourable conditions for policyholders.
Please note the following important restriction: Insurance cover is only provided if the professional use has been listed in the policy for the insured valuables.
The annual turnover of the self-employed professional activities of the insured persons may not exceed CHF 20,000.
If this sum is exceeded, there is no cover under the valuables insurance.
In the event of a claim, the insured person must be able to prove the actual annual turnover, for example on the basis of the tax return.

If you have any questions, please contact:
“Die Mobiliar” General Agency Bern-West
Bümplizstr. 142
3018 Bern
Antonio Mancini
Phone: 031 978 40 27

Bank Cler

As an SMPV member, take advantage of the following special offer from Bank Cler:

ProductYour advantage
Private accountNo fees for accounting in conjunction with E-Set
Maestro cardAt half price
MasterCard/VisaAt half price
Securities depotDeposit fee: 25% discount
Courtage: 25% discount
Courtage via e-banking: 50% discount
Double super points in the securities business
mortgageUp to 0.30% interest discount
financial planning25% discount in general
50% discount from new business volume
of CHF 250,000.-
Free from new business volume
of CHF 500,000.-

Detailed information on Bank Cler’s special offer and other attractive services can be found at: https://www.cler.ch/de/sites/kooperationen/smpv

Contact Bank Cler toll free on 0800 88 99 66
Go to the nearest branch of Bank Cler

Already a Bank Cler customer?
If you are already a Bank Cler customer and would like to benefit from the special offer, please contact your customer advisory service directly.

SWICA – Financial Security and Best Medicine

SWICA provides important health services to over a million people. Insured persons benefit from optimal medicine and financial protection in the event of illness and accident. Thanks to the Partnership of SMPV with SWICA, you and your family members receive attractive premium discounts on supplementary insurance. Choose SWICA.
Find out more about the offer here:

SWICA website: http://www.swica.ch/de/smpv

CSS offers premium discounts in health insurance

There is a collective agreement between CSS insurance and SMPV for supplementary insurance for compulsory health insurance. The offer is aimed at all active and free members of the SMPV as well as their family members. You benefit from low collective premiums:

Standard insurance plus 10.00%

Hospital insurance semi-private 10.00 %

Hospital insurance private 10.00 %

Standard insurance 20.00%

Outpatient insurance myFlex 5.00 %

Hospital insurance myFlex 3.00 %

Zoom Insurance 20.00%

No discount may be granted by law for basic insurance.

With more than one million customers, CSS is the second largest health insurance company in Switzerland and thus a reliable partner.

For further questions, please contact:
CSS Insurance

Samuel Brechbühler

Bubenbergplatz 10 / Mailbox

CH-3001 Bern
Phone: 058 277 38 71
Email: samuel.brechbuehler@css.ch


Sickness benefit and accident insurance Groupe Mutuel

Together with its compensation fund Verom, SMPV has concluded a collective agreement for loss of wage insurance at Groupe Mutuel, which enables you to conclude insurance tailored to your needs at discounted premiums. Information and offers can be found at:
Compensation fund Verom
Ms Maria Rosa Idrizaj
Ifangstrasse 8
8952 Schlieren
044 253 93 78

Please refer to your “Music Agenda” for further interesting discounts in various concert institutes, theatres and clubs.